Blade and Bones PS4 Review


Blade and bones is an indie game in which you are playing as a mute Samurai who is in search of seven swords. You have to fight with Niro, who has spread the swords all over the Asocrac world.

So you have to go through the entire world of Asocrac to find those ancient swords. Although the is inspired by Dark souls and self-manifested as a combat game it definitely fails to deliver this image.


The game starts in a strangely obscure fashion. You have a sword, there are enemies that can starting fighting with you.

You can have three types of weapons Common (from the enemies you fight), Rare and Legendary (can be hidden somewhere in the mystic world). Before you start, you will definitely notice there is a lack of direction. Every bit of this game has some interesting turns which lead you to power-ups, weapons, enemies and your main target.

There are some unique relics and power-ups that can show you hidden areas and removes all the barriers for you. You may encounter some strange puzzles and mechanics of the game which seriously need workup. The player has to visit the same area again and again in order to find out the hidden secrets and new paths.

Graphics and Sounds

the game performs moderately well, as it overall looks decent. The environment seems lush and fascinating. An eye-catching combination of cartoony and lively format is quite engaging.

All of the game areas like lush green forests, frozen lands, deserts seem great. But at some points in the game, you may encounter some weird graphics with bugs and glitches.

You will enjoy the background music and all the sound effects while high jumping, clashing swords, etc.


Blade and bones have mission-based gameplay. You are dumped into the world with nothing but a bare fist. After some tutorials that teach you the gameplay basics such as light and heavy attacks, rolls, and use of science.

As you wander around the grass and stone-filled fields of the game you will notice everything feels flat much like that Mario on the battlefield. You will feel at some points that What should I do? Where to go? Because the game is designed so flat and box-like.

Also, the weapon system feels very basic, although you have the ability to back dash and roll at times it becomes clunky and completely unresponsive. The Weapon impacts feel like you are having a pillow fight.

Taking damage can be restored with life fragments collected from ancient Relics. These relics are often tucked in the hidden corners of the game. There is a life tank once it becomes zero, you need to restart the game.


Moreover, it is a package of a good storyline, average graphics, and gameplay. It definitely misses that combat system and at times you feel lost and flat but the game still managed to be great in terms of Metroidvania design, open environment, hidden secrets and beautiful visuals of the mystic world.

  • Good Storyline
  • Nice sound effects
  • Positive three
  • Realistic graphics with contrast effects
  • Lack of direction
  • Weak controllers
  • Limited content
  • Average gamplay