Marvel Ultimate Alliance Bundle PS4 Review

There’s a funny thing about nostalgia and video games: It either works really well or it doesn’t.


When you’re dealing with well-known IP, you better bring your A-game because fans aren’t going to take anything less.


So what do you do when you have a somewhat older set of games from a beloved IP repackaged together in one bundle at a pretty high price?


Do you judge the games based upon their history or as new games? That’s a lot of the problem behind writing this Marvel Ultimate Alliance PS4 review.


Like we said, nostalgia either works or it doesn’t but the good thing about the Marvel Ultimate Alliance Bundle is that it combines two great games into one package that, depending on how much you love Marvel or the Ultimate Alliance games, will prove to be an irresistible combination for some of us.


For the rest of us, those of us without the nostalgia bug or an irrepressible love for all things Marvel, Ultimate Alliance might not be the best introduction to that universe.


In this Marvel Ultimate Alliance Bundle PS4 review, we’re going to tell you what we loved, what we didn’t like, and what our final verdict is on this package of titles from Activision.


Gamers not familiar with the Ultimate Alliance games could easily write them off as Diablo clones featuring Marvel characters but that isn’t entirely the case.


While Diablo emphasizes loot in combination with other elements, Ultimate Alliance is about combat and coordination with others.


Easily some of the best games of the last generation, this shows in the graphical presentation and overall polish.


This shouldn’t bother most gamers but the price tag might make some people expect a remaster or refresh of some kind in the graphics department.


Still, the graphics in this type of game are more in service to a greater cause than anything else and, in that regard, graphics and sound are all nicely interwoven in a package that screams Hollywood blockbuster production quality.


Where the bundle shines is in the gameplay department. In writing this Marvel Ultimate Alliance PS4 review, we wanted to be as fair as possible to the game in terms of its quality and it is absolutely impossible to deny that it presents some absolutely addictive gameplay mechanics.


Forgetting the story entirely, you have have a more than robust combat system and an array of abilities and strategies on the ready.


Without spoiling things entirely, most situations rely upon various powers being used in concert to overcome foes and environmental obstacles.


While it is accurate that there is an element of Diablo in these games, fans of that series should know that you’re getting only the best from that spiritual guide.


Combat is crisp, compelling, robust, and overall fun.


The games are massive and there’s more content here than you’ll be able to tackle quickly. If you’ve been searching for some great action RPG combat gaming, then this bundle might be the best deal ever for you.


The only real downsides aside from the price and its age is that it probably isn’t the best introduction to Marvel games for non-fans.


A lot of the nuance of the story is lost if you aren’t familiar with the characters and much of the reason for plunking down money for a full-priced bundle of two old games is that you have some kind of experience with it in the past.


It’s not impossible to justify this game to someone who isn’t into Marvel and hasn’t played it, we’re just saying some of its more enjoyable aspects will be lost if you aren’t a Marvel fan.


An excellent game that reminds us of the best of the last generation of console games, Marvel Ultimate Alliance makes a great entry into the current generation’s library of games even if its magic will only be fully appreciated by a certain audience.

  • Two massive games
  • Excellent combat and gameplay
  • Marvel’s best and greatest all in one place
  • Starting to show its age
  • Pretty expensive at $59.99
  • Probably won’t appeal to people not familiar with Marvel properties
7Expert Score
Marvel Ultimate Alliance Bundle